5 Curiosities that you didn't know about Mallorca
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5 Curiosities that you didn’t know about Palma de Mallorca


Despite being one of the most desired and visited tourist destinations in Spain, there are still many curiosities about Mallorca that very few people know about. What do you think if you join us to discover them?

Do not miss these 5 curiosities of Mallorca!

Palma de Mallorca City Council

When the mayor refused to recognize the work done by the stonecutter Jaume Caragol and the sculptor Francesc Dragó, they left their vengeance on the facade of the City Hall. If you look closely, you will find sculptures of a snail (cargol) and a dragon (dragó). It was a very clever way to sign his work!

The rose window of the cathedral: One of the greatest curiosities of Mallorca

The cathedral of Palma has one of the largest rose windows in all of Christendom (13 meters in diameter). Not surprisingly, it is the largest in the world if we limit the comparison to Gothic cathedrals.

Twice a year, the 1,236 crystals that make up this rose window create a mesmerizing show of light and color. These “magic” days are February 2 (Candelaria Day) and November 11 (San Martín).

A street map with a lot of history

Of course, the names of the streets of Palma are not random. Good example of this is Calle del Vent (“wind street”), so named because of its strong currents of air. Likewise, Plaza de Abu Yahya (last Moorish king of the island) is crossed by Calle 31 de Diciembre (date of his defeat).

Bellver Castle

The circular structure of the Bellver castle is unique in all of Spain… and the oldest in the entire European continent. In addition, its name (translated into Spanish as “beautiful view”) refers to the spectacular views from it.

A movie city

Beauty and uniqueness are present in every corner of the Balearic capital. For this reason, it is not surprising that in 2022 alone, more than 120 shoots were made in Palma. Of special interest are the Caves of Drach, where films such as El Verdugo, El Atlas de las Nubes or Lucía y el sexo.

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