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Breakfast Like A Baron

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And here at Posada Terra Santa, we also want it to be the best. You’ll dine beneath the Gothic arches that support the building. An iconic manor house that once belonged to the barons of Boixador, and after whom our #BreakfastLikeABaron breakfasts are named.
Tradition not only contributes to the atmosphere of the hotel, but also influences the culinary offering. A buffet with seasonal, locally-sourced products that comprise the world-famous Mediterranean diet. Of special note are the cold meats sold at Charcutería Joan Mas, experts in fresh, high-quality traditional Mallorcan products.
The fruit that is selected as part of the breakfast also mostly comes from the island. Enjoy the artisanal jams, dried nuts and freshly-squeezed juices. You’ll also have all kinds of coffee and tea at your disposal.
Imagen del restaurante del hotel Boutique Posada Terra Santa Palma de Mallorca
The bread and pastry section meets the refined, sophisticated traditions of France, where raw material and fermentation times take on great importance. The renowned Bridor de France, bread is the perfect complement to cold meats and fruits.
Sounds delicious, right? Make the most of our offer, where we invite you to enjoy breakfast like a baron during your stay. Book now on our website using the promo code: DESAYUNOBARON
A delicious piece of toast topped with tomato – the kind that still has its authentic taste – and a bit of extra virgin olive oil. All that, plus the local cold meats you like best.
Desayuno del barón huevos y jamón hotel boutique
This all comes with another speciality on our list of featured products: the egg menu. This menu is included with your breakfast and you’ll be able to sample eggs and omelettes that are cooked on the spot with local products. Enjoy the daily special or look through the chef’s suggestions on the menu.
Desayuno del barón bollería y embutido hotel boutique
P How about a detox shot to finish things off? Healthy shots full of vitamins to start the day full of energy. Any special requests? Ask us and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure that your breakfast is perfect.
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