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A nocturnal swim on a hot night can offer you a few surprises, to say the least! Your best bet is to pick a cove free of street lighting, so renting a vehicle is a must. The road to Cala de Deià is delightful at dusk. We recommend reserving a table at the “Ca’s Patró March” beach restaurant, to dine on delicious prawns and seasonal fish. The location and scenery are some of the best on the island. Before heading back, throw down a towel on the old jetties, enjoy yourself while contemplating the stars and finish the night with a brisk swim (they say sleeping with sea salt on your skin is very healthy 😊).

My heart skips a beat and the old fisherman gives me a surprised look. He’s an octogenarian, but he’s got strong arms and a youthful look, cheerful and carefree. The small waves push him toward the rocks, but he’s protected with his esqueletos* and manages to climb onto the jetty, hoisting the boat with a simple rope, no buttons or pulleys.

The clamouring of my companions interrupts: prawns or clams, grilled or battered squid, red wine or white? I want prawns and champagne. Double that, please!

Did someone say “challenge”? 😊

On the jetty, we’re hypnotised by the sumptuous ocean view, with stars that are shining brightly tonight, like nowhere else in the world (you can tell dinner was fantastic). Carlos undresses and decides to take a swim, unaware of his encounter with “sea sparkle.”*

Don’t look, I don’t have a swimsuit hahaha, though all cats are grey at night and the champagne makes me wild; I follow him, compelled by the sparks of light surrounding him, and I play dead, floating motionless. The lights of the sea have turned on! Plankton provide the music. The deep-sea dance begins… and there’s fire in the sea!


By Regina Palomero


*Esqueletos: In 1980s children’s slang, this referred to the sandals of the time (usually flesh-coloured footwear used to walk around on rocks that had a skeletal look).

*Sea sparkle: A name used for Noctiluca scintillans. Fluorescent lights that appear in the sea, produced by plankton.

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