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Each of our proposals is an experience that goes beyond a stay on the island.
Hidden Plans is our way of showing you not only what you’re going to find within our establishments but also beyond their walls. The places you should visit, the points of cultural and historical interest and, of course, our favourite haunts that are frequented by locals who also understand the secret art of living.
Lujo palma de mallorca

Explore the most luxury areas of Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is part of the Balearic Islands, a wonderful area with numerous beaches of crystal clear water and white sand. There are many areas in the city that are interesting to visit, such as the walled old town, the labyrinth of narrow streets,...

Mallorca, your next Christmas destination

The perfect island for Christmas  In general, Christmas is a very important and meaningful time of the year for many people all over the world and is a way of celebrating life and friendship.    Mallorca is an island in the Balearic archipelago in the...

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy love in Mallorca!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on February 14 each year in honor of the Christian Saint Valentine, who supposedly helped unite couples in love during the Roman Empire. Although the history of Valentine’s Day is a bit dark, the holiday has become an...

Receive 2023 in Palma de Mallorca

Did you know that Palma de Mallorca is one of the best cities in Spain to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year? Think about it: the Balearic capital has everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest on such special days. There...

Mercados navideños en Mallorca

Christmas markets in Mallorca

Wondering which are the best Christmas markets in Mallorca? If you have chosen our island as your destination for a wonderful Christmas holiday, we strongly recommend that you set aside some time during your visit to enjoy the Christmas spirit and joy that can be...

Beautiful villages of Mallorca

Beautiful villages of Mallorca

At Posada Terra Santa we suggest you take an enchanting tour of the beautiful villages of Mallorca. Be inspired by the unique qualities of each one of them and delight your senses with some of the most beautiful images of the island. It is an...

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