A different kind of Christmas in Palma de Mallorca

The Christmas holidays are a time for being with the family and for upholding traditions. But it’s also the perfect time to create new customs. Embrace our Mallorcan traditions and make them your own. Enjoy the mild winter climate of Palma de Mallorca and start a new annual tradition with your family.
This is the moment in life when all the pieces start to fit together: the girl that was once your sweetheart is now the mother of your children; the boy that you had only introduced to your girlfriends has now also met your parents… You are creating a new family, and that family needs its own set of traditions. We invite you to create them at our boutique hotel Posada Terra Santa.
What is there to do in Palma de Mallorca at Christmastime? You could enjoy the typical Christmas markets like the opulent Puerto Portals or the classic one on the Plaça Mayor. You’ll find everything from Christmas decorations to the most exclusive presents at these markets.
At Palma de Mallorca’s Auditorium, the programme has been infected with the Christmas spirit and you’ll be able to see performances like Handel’s Messiah, performed by the UIB Choir (University of the Balearic Islands) and the symphony orchestra. There’s also the classic, A Christmas Carol. An event you really can’t miss is the traditional Grand New Year’s Concert performed by the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Or there’s the classics of the Moscow ballet: Swan Lake and the Nutcracker.
The tradition of the Three Kings has a long tradition in Mallorca. On the night of 5 January, they arrive by boat to the port of Palma, specifically to the old quay where the Llotja is to be found. There, they exchange their boat for camels and start their procession through the streets of Palma.
Enjoy creating new family traditions by celebrating Christmas in Palma de Mallorca.
Christmas is the time for celebration, and if you still haven’t got your outfit ready for the nights of partying, then you’re sure to find it in the luxury shops of the Calle San Miguel. And if you still don’t know what to give your family, this is the place to let yourself be seduced by the shop windows. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift.
Every worthwhile family celebration is always accompanied by a big dinner. And for this, we recommend a reservation at our La Despensa del Barón restaurant, where you’ll be able to sample the mouth-watering creations of our chef.
An unforgettable moment, such like this new family tradition, deserves to be remembered always. And to immortalise it, nothing beats a photograph. We’re hoping to see yours on our social media networks: Facebook and Instagram.