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Sóller, the crown jewel of scenic Mallorca, offers one of the most beautiful sights, and one of the best experiences, on the island. A truly one-of-a-kind place, chock full of art, history and scenery, where the heart comes alive. If on your next visit to Palma de Mallorca you decide to visit Sóller you should know that you can stay in Hotel Boutique Posada Terra Santa‘s luxurious rooms, since the hotel’s just 30 minutes away by car, or if you prefer an hour away when you take the legendary Sóller train

In fact, Sóller is on our list of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca.


Sóller is known for its legendary wooden train which takes us back in time. The 100 year-old Soller train connects Palma to Sóller giving you one of the most spectacular experiences the island has to offer: travel through mountains, tunnels, forests, past charming homes, over bridges, through valleys and streams, across the heart of Sierra Tramuntana. The train still has wooden cars and the leather seats from the period. Once you get to this pretty town, an electric tram connects Sóller and the Sóller Port. Both means of transport are lovingly preserved and a legendary part of the island’s culture.  



Sóller is also home to El Valle de los Naranjos, where the landscape’s beauty and the scent of orange blossoms are at their finest. Renowned artists have portrayed the valley’s landscape for centuries. A plethora of handmade products are made in the valley such as orange ice cream, which is truly traditional and the valley also features an orange fair as a tribute to its signature fruit.



In Sóller you’ll find a unique sampling of the island’s modernist architecture. Walking down its narrow streets, you can bear witness the history of its thriving past when Sóller exported oranges and wines to France. The village is full of areas with houses featuring Mallorcan architecture and palaces of French influence, which sit amongst modernist buildings such as the museum of Can Prunera, located in a spectacular modernist house that has become one of the town’s signs of identity.



One of the best things to do at Port Soller is to go looking for its famous red delicacy. Fresh Sóller Port prawns, caught daily by local fishermen, are the island and port’s representative cuisine. They can be bought directly or tried in its restaurants and terraces while enjoying the life at the port, a thrill for the senses. The importance of this delicacy is evident as it even has a sculpture dedicated to it at the entrance to the port. Enjoy Mallorca’s Gourmet Cuisine.


Discovering Sóller is without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences those visiting Mallorca can have and one of the few that doesn’t require a car. Hotel Boutique Posada Terra Santa is the perfect place to stay when looking to set off to visit Mallorca’s top signature towns. On your next trip to Mallorca, Sóller and Port Sóller are can’t miss stops for delighting the senses.


5 reasons why staying at our boutique hotel in Palma should be part of your next plans.

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