Ilustración hotel boutique posada terra santa bicis eléctricas catedral palma de mallorca

A seaside ride on our new electric bikes

Going for a ride on electric bikes on the seafront is one of those small luxuries that isn’t accessible to everyone. And if you’re on holiday, it can also turn out to be one of the most relaxing activities you can possibly do. The key lies in knowing what route to take and when to go, whether it’s very early in the morning or making the most of the last rays of sunlight.
We here at Posada Terra Santa are in love with Palma. That’s why we always strive to ensure that our guests enjoy the city as much as possible and that they make the most of everything Palma has to offer. With this in mind, we’ve added a new electric bikes service for you to explore every bit of the city and have a different kind of touristic experience. A more personalised experience to see a different side of the island.
Our intent is to complete our offering with this new eco-friendly service at our boutique hotel, and turn your holiday into a unique experience. In keeping with tradition, there’s no other name we could have possibly given these bikes, and so have christened them: #BoixadorBike. A tribute to the Baron of Boixador, who forms a part of our story and who would no doubt like to go for a ride on one of them.
Imagen bicicleta eléctrica de alquiler Hotel Boutique Posada Terra Santa Palma de Mallorca
Our #BoixadorBikes are comfortable, adjustable, and feature a retro design. The seat and handlebars give you several options to use the gears, whether you’re in manual mode or using the electric boost. You can also ride at sundown since the bikes also have lights. They’re also equipped with wide tyres that reduce the effort needed to ride. Everything’s designed to make your ride as pleasant as possible.
What better way to debut the electric bikes than with a ride through Palma? Have your camera and comfortable attire at the ready. Time to start the tour.
We’ll start off with a picture at the bottom of the stairs of our Posada Terra Santa boutique hotel. It’s a must that will become a fond memory. Grab your electric bikes and head to Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo, toward Plaça de Cort. This is our first stop. Look for a good shot, take a picture, and let’s continue with our photographic tour. We’re only just getting started!
Close by you’ll see Plaça de Santa Eulàlia, from where, after passing through Carrer d’En Morei, we’ll head toward Mallorca Cathedral. It’s an 8-minute ride, but you can stay as long as you like to enjoy the views. Once you’ve toured the inside of the Cathedral, we can continue along the City Walls. Feel the caress of the marine breeze and head toward Portixol, which you can reach via the bike lane. After taking a ride through the area, we highly recommend stopping for lunch with views of the sea at one of the nearby restaurants. Whether it’s part of the Mediterranean diet, traditional local dishes or fresh seafood, any option is a good one.
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We’ll head back to the Cathedral, but this time we’ll see it from a bit further out, from the Parque del Mar, where you’ll see some incredible views. Don’t forget to take pictures!
From there we’ll head to Plaça de Quadrado, making the most of your bicycle’s electric boost so that the ride uphill won’t be a problem.
There you’ll be able to enjoy some relaxing moments in the open air. It’s very close to our Posada Terra Santa boutique hotel, so returning won’t be an issue if you’re tired after the long day.
This is a plan to enjoy the city and to see its monuments, as well as to improve your own well-being. In our Wellness Zone, you can relax in the sauna or in the swimming pool and sample the healthy detox juices that have been specially prepared for the occasion.
In the lobby of our hotel you’ll find three magnificent Gothic arches, which present another photo opportunity before dinner.
Night falls in Palma de Mallorca and before we know it, it’s time for dinner. Time to visit La Despensa del Barón. The restaurant’s culinary offerings are varied and the menu has been selected with the utmost care by our chef Matías N. Provvidenti, who allows us to get a glimpse of the influence that his travels and training in Asia have exerted on his meats, fish, and dishes with different textures and aromas. Service begins with our maître Gabriel Alcover who, given his extensive experience, will take you on a culinary voyage in a warm, welcoming environment.
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