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Mallorca boasts an exceptional legacy inherited from its intense history. Every culture that has passed through this island has left a little piece of its personality here. This is reflected in its rich and varied gastronomy, including sobrasada sausage, legumes, and seafood, which a new generation of chefs are utilising to great effect. Take note of our recommendations and enjoy a gourmet gastronomic tour on your next visit to the island.



At midday, one of the best ways to enjoy Mallorca, thanks to its mild climate for most of the year, is to embark on a tour to sample some of the island’s signature tapas. The ‘variat’, a platter featuring several types of tapas, is a typical way of doing just that.

If you prefer, you could go to any of the city’s famous tapas bars. These include Can Joan Freu next to the Mercat de Santa Catalina. Its location allows it to create classic tapas with fresh ingredients obtained direct from the market next door.

La 5ª Puñeta is another option, offering a wide variety of tapas or ‘pinchos’, with vegetarian options. Choose hot tapas like curried chicken, escalope with mustard sauce, or meatballs. And to round things off nicely, why not try its homemade chocolate cake or carrot cake.




To go with your food, how about an authentic local wine, produced by the bodega managed by Toni Gelabert. This winery owns more than six hectares of vineyards, producing red, white and rosé wines. All the wine produced remains on the island, so Mallorca is the only place you can enjoy its exceptional flavour.

In addition to this winery, why not enjoy other wine routes? The DO Benissalem designation of origin comes from the inland area of Mallorca and its origins date back to the 1st century BC. It covers more than 600 hectares of vineyards and encompasses around 16 wineries, some of which are open to visitors.




If you would prefer a slightly more formal dining experience, we recommend La Despensa del Barón. It is the culinary heart of our hotel Posada Terra Santa, located in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, boasting historical features and elegant décor.

Enjoy the dishes designed by Chef David Raya, which are sophisticated and offer a unique twist. Raya enjoys a brilliant career, having trained with some of the best chefs.

In our restaurant you will find traditional Mallorcan cuisine with a modern twist. Starters include Mediterranean Scrolls with sardines marinated in lemon and basil, or pork roll (Porcella). The main courses include the Baron’s Tartar with bluefin tuna and Mallorcan Bacaiot. Add a touch of sweetness with the homemade lemon sorbet home with electric daisy or the Copanacotta.

At Posada Terra Santa, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in the heart of Mallorca and the island’s finest cuisine at La Despensa del Barón.

To end the day you can relax in our Spa in the center of Palma de Mallorca.

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