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Mallorca on a Vespa: A perfect day

Imagine what a perfect day in Palma de Mallorca would look like. Surely the first image that came to mind was arriving at an idyllic beach shortly after cruising around Mallorca on a Vespa. That will be our plan for today.
The island is one of those places where time grinds to a halt, or where it passes by far too quickly. You can do pretty much anything in 24 hours here, from admiring the street art to taking in the history and culture, sampling the cuisine, enjoying the vibrant nightlife, or touring the island’s singular beauty… And it’s all topped off by the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the eternal stretches of white sand beaches and crystalline waters.
Let’s start the day off with breakfast at our Posada Terra Santa boutique hotel. It consists of an exquisite buffet based on the Mediterranean diet and features the best local products: top-quality Mallorcan cold meats, a variety of artisan bread and pastries, extra virgin olive oil, garden-fresh tomatoes… There’s no such thing as excess here – breakfast is like this every day.
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A good way to get around the island is by riding a motorcycle. Remember that picture-perfect image of you cruising around Mallorca on a Vespa? There’s no doubt that it will surely become your perfect travel companion. Without further ado, we’ll head to the Paseo del Borne, also known as Palma’s golden mile. Here you’ll be able to peruse the selection of shops featuring the hottest brands as well as visit a series of exquisite bars to sit and rest for a while. Recommendations, you ask? Absolutely: treat yourself to an iced coffee at Cappuccino Palau March.
Once your energy has been replenished, start your tour of the coast. First stop: the Jardines de Marivent. The gardens are located right on the coastline and are a new green space where you can stroll in the Mediterranean woodlands in the company of sculptures by Joan Miró. Recently opened to the public, the Jardines de Marivent currently form part of the Royal Family’s summer residence in Palma de Mallorca. After stopping by the gardens, continue your tour until you arrive at one of the most glamorous parts of the island: Puerto Portals.
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Nothing beats a stroll through one of the most luxurious ports in all of Spain. Here you’re sure to cross paths with international celebrities at its shops, bars and restaurants. You’ll also have the opportunity to savour the cuisine of two-star Michelin chef Fernando P. Arellano at his restaurant Baiben. A blend of international gastronomy and local flair in the form of a delightful, varied menu. After your meal, you’ll leave the road behind and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. If you enjoyed your journey around Mallorca on a Vespa, you’ll absolutely love riding a jet ski. And today, instead of a guided tour, we’ll opt for some free time…
The grand finale – following a short rest in your luxury room – is dinner at our restaurant La Despensa del Barón, where chef Matías Provvidenti will delight your taste buds with his sophisticated and creative culinary delights.
The island is one of those places where time grinds to a halt, or where it passes by far too quickly
The best way to top off an intense day full of excitement is to take a walk through the historic city centre, located just 10 minutes from our Posada Terra Santa boutique hotel. In the old city, you’ll find Bar Ábaco, a place that stands out for its décor and ambiance that’s reminiscent of the Palma de Mallorca of yesteryear.
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