Tempting selection of restaurants in the centre of Palma de Mallorca

As the great history fans, keen travellers and lovers of fine dining that we are, gastronomy forms a crucial component of all journeys. Today, to please even the most demanding palates, we unveil the jewels in our crown: an enticing selection of six restaurants in the centre of Palma de Mallorca; remarkable, tucked-away places that beguile us with that special something, due to being unique and authentic – in short, our favourite places to dine.

They are all restaurants in the old town of Palma de Mallorca with their own stories to tell, secret venues for escaping, taking refuge, experiencing, chatting and unwinding. They’re places with their own identity that beguile us with stories, that we fall in love with, that furnish discoveries, but above all are places for savouring authentic local flavours in good company. 

We propose a tour of Mediterranean flavours that goes beyond the usual restaurants, enabling you to explore unique and memorable culinary experiences befitting the most discriminating palates. So let’s bring time to a standstill and get that unique and special feeling.

Inside La Despensa del Barón

In the culinary heart of the Posada Terra Santa hotel, located in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, is one of Mallorca’s most iconic restaurantsLa Despensa del Barón embodies one of those stories of the past, a journey to the end of the 14th century, where time stands still in an unhurried, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that enables you to escape from the routine. Chef David Raya is the creative figure that fuses past, present and future, blending the legacy of Mediterranean cuisine with Asiatic influences.

El Camino, making something extraordinary out of the ordinary

El Camino is a place for sharing values, a lifestyle and an approach to life. Its philosophy involves enjoying life poc a poc, or bit by bit: the Mediterranean, its people, its bounty and the finest ingredients. Tucked away in the streets around the Paseo del Borne in the old town of Palma, its menus have been designed to enable a little bit of everything to be sampled: Mediterranean cooking, delicious tapas and dishes for sharing. The venue is sophisticated, but embodies simplicity. Please note that this restaurant does not take bookings, but it’s well worth the wait.

Make Canela part of your Palma itinerary

Quite a discovery awaits you on your stroll around Palma. This is a former spice shop that has now been converted into a welcoming venue for “enjoying and sharing a good time with friends”, in the words of the restaurant’s slogan. Now acknowledged as one of the finest restaurants in Palma, it has been praised by no less a figure than Michael Douglas as his favourite restaurant on Mallorca. The key to its success? Canela offers fusion cuisine that blends Asiatic and Mediterranean traditions. Its friendly atmosphere and service make you feel that you are in a unique and special place.

restaurantes en el centro de Palma de Mallorca

Clandestí, a culinary workshop

Clandestí offers a unique concept located in a former garage in the old town of the Mallorcan capital. The centre of attraction is the 10 metre-long bar where the entire experience unfolds. It is a pleasure to watch the cooks at work, not only preparing the food but also interacting in a friendly and relaxed way. The best thing about the experience is letting yourself delight in an ever-changing menu, as any guest would do at a house where a daily menu is created depending on the day’s shopping. One of the most original ways of sharing experiences and stories in a friendly and personable atmosphere.

Aromata, a journey to the essence of Mallorca

Hidden away in an old Mallorcan patio, in one of the most emblematic alleyways in the centre of Palma, Andreu Genestra, the Mallorcan chef and recipient of a Michelin star has created a new concept in the heart of the city. Aromata has been awarded the status of a Bib Gourmand, the Michelin Guide’s category of restaurants that offer high-quality cuisine at affordable prices. It has also been awarded a Sol by the Repsol Guide. And it’s hardly surprising. This is an experience that numbers among the most authentic. In the words of Andreu, Aromata is a “link between the past and the present that aims to bring haute cuisine closer to everyone”. Hence its success. It embodies cooking with soul and passion for the land, where the true protagonists are the essence, flavours, aromas and spices.

Casa Maruka the home of authenticity

Hidden behind Plaza España is an authentic gem for enjoying traditional Spanish and Mallorcan cuisine with a touch of modernity. It combines the perfect blend of feeling at home but with an authentic and sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine. This unassuming and welcoming place is favoured by many of the city’s residents due to the quality of its dishes and ingredients. Casa Maruka also has its own history: a Mallorcan institution with a legacy dating back over 100 years, it boasts an extraordinary interior patio right in the heart of the city. The star of the menu is its exquisite apple pie.

To lead an extraordinary life one must sample different ways of experiencing and living. Each of our proposals offers an experience that goes beyond a simple lunch or dinner. They are venues for bringing together like-minded people and making them feel special. They are favourite places that for us represent l’art de vivre. We hope that you have enjoyed our selection of restaurants in the centre of Palma de Mallorca and that you experience and enjoy them with the same passion that we do ourselves.