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Wine & olive oil tasting  

Located in heights 250m high of the Sierra Tramuntana, our pick is a family owned winery that only produces 14,000 bottles a year and also one of Mallorca’s finest olive oils with only 2,000 liters.

Bodegas Es Verger is a small family owned winery and olive oil producer located in Esporles and resides amidst 8 acres of carefully manicured lands containing a choice of varietal grapes some indigenous to Mallorca and others not so.

Here we combine both tastings within the family home that sits amidst the vineyards and olive groves. Enjoy a setting whereby you get to tour the olive press and witness the process of ‘how it’s made’. You must know that the olive oil that you are going to taste is made up of 3 olives – Mallorquina 15%, Arbequina and Piqual.                    

The wine variety is stretching from some lovely wines like viognier, sauvignon blanc, a rosé made from red grapes and savour some local favourites like Mantonegro and a blend of 3 grapes. If you happen to be in Mallorca in season, let us arrange a few hours to harvest with the family.


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