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Three Hidden Away Hotels Receive the Prestigious MICHELIN Key

Hidden Away Hotels, the luxury boutique hotel chain, has achieved an exceptional milestone by being awarded the prestigious MICHELIN Key in three of its establishments: Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid, Seda Club Hotel in Granada, and Posada Terra Santa in Mallorca. This recognition, granted by the renowned MICHELIN guide, highlights hotels that stand out in the hospitality industry for their extraordinary architecture, interior design, service quality, and authenticity—elements that significantly enrich the traveler’s experience. Each of these hotels has demonstrated excellence in various aspects, from their unique character and personality to their value for money, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Owned by entrepreneurs Carmen Cordón and Ignacio Jiménez, Hidden Away Hotels’ philosophy is based on transforming iconic buildings and historic spaces into luxurious boutique hotels that reflect the authenticity of the local environment. These establishments not only serve as accommodations but also act as gateways to local culture and history, fulfilling one of the key criteria for obtaining a MICHELIN Key. The chain is among the 97 establishments in Spain honored with this distinction, recognized for their excellence in interior design and architecture.

Furthermore, the hotels of Hidden Away Hotels offer warm and professional service, essential requirements for obtaining the MICHELIN Key. Each of their establishments stands out for its uniqueness, showcasing a distinctive personality and authenticity. These elements are fundamental to ensuring that each stay is memorable and distinguished, worthy of a MICHELIN Key.

Posada Terra Santa Receives a MICHELIN Key: A Recognition of Hotel Excellence

Posada Terra Santa not only stands out for its exceptional service and accommodation but is also recognized as one of the most exclusive hotels in Palma de Mallorca, with a history that dates back centuries. This distinguished property, now awarded a MICHELIN Key, is presented as a true gem in the heart of the iconic Canamunt neighborhood, reflecting the rich history and authenticity of the island of Mallorca. Its historic architecture and welcoming atmosphere combine to create a unique experience that captivates guests from the moment they walk through its doors.

The MICHELIN distinction highlights the consistency in service excellence and superior comfort, ensuring that each stay exceeds the expectations of the most demanding guests. Additionally, Posada Terra Santa has demonstrated a unique personality that reflects the essence of Mallorca. These criteria, essential for the MICHELIN Key award, reaffirm the hotel’s commitment to quality and authenticity, making it a luxury destination where every detail contributes to a truly unforgettable experience.

Its interior design, recently renovated by the prestigious Rockwell Group, respects its rich historical heritage while offering modern and elegant amenities. Every aspect of the hotel, from its comfortable rooms to its exquisite local cuisine at La Despensa del Barón restaurant, contributes to a unique experience that celebrates the authentic beauty of Mallorca.

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