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Chance or fate?

The story behind Posada Terra Santa

Any little decision could be the source of an intense love story or a stroke of luck that changes your whole life. In any event, your own story has brought you here and made you a witness and a part of a great adventure. Our adventure.

In 2001 chance and fate brought Carmen Cordón and Ignacio Jiménez to live in Mallorca, a young couple who quickly fell in love with the island and its people.

Posada Terra Santa Salón Inglés

A secret love story in the heart of Mallorca

For 14 years both of them developed their professional careers in Majorca with great success, until in 2009, an unexpected setback in their lives, combined with the couple’s enterprising and restless temperaments, caused their lives to change 180 degrees. This is when they decided to pursue their dreams, the first of them: to start up what would be the perfect hotel.

After years of searching, one day, while strolling through the forgotten patios and streets of Palma de Mallorca, the ideal building came to them. It all started the day they kicked open the gate, blocked by rubble, and then centuries of memories and nobility appeared right in front of their eyes… A piece of history that couldn’t be left to die.

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Posada Terra Santa

A building with history

The hotel building, dating back to 1576, was the former court of the Barony of Bunyolí and once served as the epicenter of the island’s commerce. During the original restoration, Hidden Away Hotels discovered five Gothic arches connecting the entire block. City historians and archaeologists celebrated this discovery, considering it one of the most interesting buildings in the city.

Additionally, the jars used to store grain and food from the baron’s land harvest were discovered, now displayed in the hotel, and many others were donated to the archaeological museum of Palma.

Recepción Posada Terra Santa

Legacy and architectural value

Posada Terra Santa, taking its name from the street where it is located, features a Gothic-style courtyard containing Renaissance elements that have been restored and respected as they were conceived in the 16th century.

The facade has a beautiful Renaissance window where you can see the heraldic emblem of the Boixadors family, the building’s original coat of arms with a deer, which has served as inspiration for the new image of Posada Terra Santa.

A building with a soul, defined personality, history, and architectural value that was the beginning of Hidden Away Hotels, the family chain of unique hotels that Carmen Cordón and Ignacio Jimenez started in 2014. Their philosophy is a passion for discovering places with their own identity that have been relegated to abandonment over time, to which they return their former splendor.

Posada Terra Santa