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Stand Up Paddle Surfing, better known as Paddle Surfing or SUP was born in the 1960s on Hawaii’s emblematic Waikiki beach. At that time, surfing instructors would stand on their large boards and use canoe paddles, so that they could easily observe and assist visitors to the beach who were learning to surf, getting a better view of the waves and being able to anticipate possible risks.

Today, Paddle Surfing is one of the most popular water sports around. One of the many reasons that explain is popularity is that it is fairly easy to do. In order to Paddle Surf, you don’t need professional skill or previous physical preparation, and you can do it at sea or on a river or lake since, unlike surfing, it doesn’t require wind or waves. And so Paddle Surfing is suitable for all ages, from children right up to older individuals.


Practice paddle surfing in Mallorca

But what is Paddle Surfing all about? The aim of this sport is simply to remain upright on a board with the help of an oar, although with one specific feature. The boards used in Paddle Surfing are different from regular surfboards in that they are larger and more stable.

Although it is a simple sport to do, Paddle Surfing offers a very complete and effective form of exercise that keeps the whole body in shape. You need to use your lower and upper body to maintain balance, especially your legs.

Whether or not you already know about this sport or you have just discovered it through this article, you should know that Mallorca is the perfect place to Paddle Surf. On the coast of Mallorca, there are countless unspoiled coves that can only be reached by sea, and which you can easily discover on your Paddle Surf board.

Dive into its crystal clear turquoise waters. Gaze at its majestic cliffs. Discover its hidden beauty spots. Or marvel at its wealth of flora and fauna.

Can you think of anything better? Neither can we. So here are a few suggestions if you want to have a go at this fashionable sport…



Practice paddle surfing in Mallorca

From the northeast tip of the island you can make out the Bahía de Pollença, one of Mallorca’s most popular tourist spots and a favourite destination with celebrities from all different walks of life.  It is bordered by the municipalities of Pollença and Alcudia, and its charm lies in its multitude of different sized beaches with calm translucent waters and its abundance of secret beauty spots to discover. If you visit Bahía de Pollença, make sure you check out Cala Sant Vicenç and Playa de Formentor.


Practice paddle surfing in Mallorca

Cala Vella is the only cove located in Llucmajor, a municipality to the south of the Island. Cala Vella is a haven of peace set apart from the town itself. Its immeasurable beauty and unique nature – carved out into a cliff that can only be accessed by sea – make this the perfect destination for Paddle Surfing.


Practice paddle surfing in Mallorca

Close to the Bahía de Santa Ponça, part of the municipality of Calviá, you can visit the Islas Malgrats nature reserve, made up of two small islands: Es Malgrat and Ses Rates, the latter one known popularly as Des Conills or d’Enmig.

The Islas Malgrats are a unique place, recognised for their rich marine biodiversity. Aboard your Paddle Surf board, you can take in their imposing cliffs and wide diversity of habitats and animal communities: from birds and fish to jellyfish and seaweed.


Practice paddle surfing in Mallorca

Very close to the Islas Malgrats, in the municipality of Calvià, we find Es Toro beach, another unmissable destination if you want to Paddle Surf in Mallorca. Es Toro is one of Mallorca’s best-kept secrets, where you can enjoy fine golden sandy beaches and turquoise seas. The water conditions also make Es Toro an ideal destination for diving.

Here at Posada Terra Santa, we invite you to discover the authentic Mallorca from a new perspective. Enjoy your stay!

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