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Cuevas Caves Höhlen

Mallorca is a spectacular island both for its beaches and its nature. In addition, if offers some incredible routes for you to enjoy its surroundings and caves as well. And many tourists travel to the island to discover the beauty of these unique caves, once hiding places for pirates and smugglers and also a refuge for Arabs during the Christian conquest.If you are thinking about coming to the island this summer, today we are proposing 5 spectacular caves that are well worth a visit. Don’t miss them!


You have probably already heard of these caves located in the village of Porto Cristo, because they are one of the most famous spots on the island. There are four interconnected caves, 1,200 metres in length and 25 metres deep. Here you will find Lago Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. You can also enjoy classical music concerts and light shows. And after the show, you can cross the lake by boat.


One of the most beautiful caves in Mallorca. It offers spectacular views since it is reached by sea and is located in Cap Vermell, surrounded by mountains.Upon entering, you descend to a depth of 40 metres toward a system of caves with a route that takes approximately 40 minutes. In the cave entrance, you will see some huge stalactites and stalagmites in many different shapes. In addition, in the so-called Queen’s Chamber you will see one of the biggest stalagmites in Europe, a staggering 22 metres in height. In the Chamber known as the Inferno you can also enjoy music and a light show.


These caves, located in Porto Cristo, were among the first to be opened to the public in the whole of Spain, more than 100 years ago. The name, Coves dels Hams, refers to the hook-like formations found inside.During the route, you will discover a large botanical garden and enjoy a projection on the ancient rock that forms this cave. Finally, you will arrive at the Classic Cave, where you will find the underground lake known as the Sea of Venice, with music and a light show, and where the image of the stalactites are reflected in its clear waters, creating a beautiful picture.


Located in the Monte de Sant Miquel, in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains, these caves preserve the island’s rural landscape and are exceptionally intact. They have 3,200 square metres of galleries, some of which have bodies of water inside.The 400-metre route begins with 370 steps down to the depths, taking you through tunnels and corridors to the small underground lakes. In these caves, you will see the elegance and richness the cave’s calcareous rocks in the form of stalactites and stalagmites (the longest in Europe) thanks to the wonderful illuminations.


Located in the district of Genova, this is the closest cave to Palma de Mallorca and also one of the smallest and most popular with nature lovers, seeking a place of peace and tranquillity to visit.The caves are formed of a series of underground galleries, linked by corridors formed naturally by the action of water. The route takes you down 36 metres leading to the interior that is home to pools, tunnels, columns and other wonderful structures.