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A bohemian night is something you can allow yourself with full licence in the village of Deià. A place where musicians, painters, actors or writers of some prestige settled during the 70s and where they gave free rein to their desires. That liberty is in the air, and their verse is felt in every corner. Calling in at the town bar, Sa Fonda, is recommended, it being the gathering place for bohemian artists past and present. Take time to wander through the streets of Deià, contemplating its stone-built houses and its cemetery, where you can admire the incredible views. The house of the English writer and poet Robert Graves is also open to visit (highly recommended for lovers of literature).

A delirious concert, the night continues on. The soft summer heat manifests itself on our skin.

The heart, accelerated by the rhythm of percussion and strings.

You take refuge in the measured excitement, you carry within.

And you surrender to the sounds of a cajón gitano and electric guitar; your head spins.

Emulating a Zulu dance, you hop and spin endlessly.

You abandon yourself to the trance and the love, everything is good.

You connect with, watch and talk to one stranger, another, you see them, you love them because you must.

And you pass the sunrise with him, or with them, in a jungle of someone, for today is yours.

Upon waking, knowing smiles cross paths after a night… not capable of confession.

By Regina Palomero

*Dropping anchor: “Go to Sa Fonda in Deià” and drop anchor. Sa Fonda is a bar with a bohemian atmosphere, where great musicians like Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield and Sting have played under the centuries-old ficus that inhabits the terrace. A place where many famous people have played a leading role in the most bohemian nights of Mallorca. There are always unexpected encounters.