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Mallorca boasts an exceptional legacy inherited from its intense history. Every culture that has passed through this island has left a little piece of its personality here. This is reflected in its rich and varied gastronomy, including sobrasada sausage, legumes, and seafood, which a new generation of chefs are utilising to great effect. Take note of our recommendations and enjoy a gourmet gastronomic tour on your next visit to the island.

Stay at our Posada Terra Santa boutique hotel, right in the heart of the city’s old town, and walk to the finest places for sampling Palma’s cuisine. You might even want to choose Samaritana Suites Palma for even more luxurious and exclusive accommodation, situated just a few metres from the cathedral.

If you prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the centre and you don’t mind travelling by car, you can stay at Son Catxo, just 30 minutes away from the capital. It’s tucked away in a natural setting with a traditional Mallorcan atmosphere.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine

The historic old town of Palma de Mallorca seduces visitors with its culture and architecture, but also its exquisite cuisine. The palate is beguiled by the intense flavours of the capital. The most traditional dishes are reinvented to offer a gourmet culinary experience, featuring the island’s fresh home-grown produce and a quality that sets it apart.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine - Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli, which literally translates as “bread with oil”, traces its origins back to the 18th century; common among humble families, it constituted the typical snack to sustain peasant farmers during their toil in the fields. Now however it has re-emerged as a gourmet dish, combined with all manner of exotic flavours, ensuring that it has become a veritable experience for the tastebuds.

The secret of its success relies on using bread of the finest quality and extra-virgin olive oil from Mallorca; the rest comes from the fusions concocted by the city’s finest chefs. The accompaniment can be varied, ranging from sobrasada (Mallorcan sausage) and cheese, especially from Mahón, and cured meats such as serrano ham and camallot, a  local sausage.

It is usually accompanied by black Mallorcan olives, green pepper or rock samphire. Another essential accompaniment of course is a locally-produced red wine, which lends the perfect finishing touch to this delicious appetiser.

Some of the best places to sample pa amb oli include Es Llogaret, winner in the first Pa Am Oli World Championships in 2019, and Bar Cabrera, one of the most legendary places for savouring this dish.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine - Esqueixada de bacalao

Another of Palma de Mallorca’s most famous dishes is exqueixada de bacalao, a refreshing salad eaten in summer. Cod plays the starring role in this dish, accompanied by vegetables from the Mallorcan fields, ranging from ripe tomatoes, beans and black olives to green peppers. The key lies in using fresh ingredients.

The best place for sampling it is La Cuchara restaurant, a favourite among the Spanish royal family and prestigious models such as Claudia Schiffer.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine - Arròs brut

One of the island’s most celebrated main courses, this moist rice dish is made from distinct varieties of meat, ranging from chicken to quail and rabbit, accompanied by vegetables, mushrooms, artichokes, green beans and roasted red peppers.

It is also seasoned with cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic and parsley. This mixture accounts for the characteristic brown colour of the dish. Two of the best places to try it are Ca`l Dimoni and San Fonda de Lluc.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine - Porcella rostida

Lovers of top-quality meats will also find themselves at home in Palma de Mallorca. Porcella rostida, roast suckling pig, constitutes a classic component of Mallorca’s gourmet cuisine. It should be mentioned here that the island boasts its own homegrown breed of pigs, and the flavour is an authentic treat for the tastebuds.

Making it is straightforward: all that’s required is a little pepper, sprinkling the meat with lemon and wine prior to placing it in the oven. The secret lies in the cooking and finding the point of maximum flavour. It is usually accompanied by potatoes seasoned with herbs from the island. A culinary experience not to be missed! Round it off with good wine and prepare your tastebuds for a mouth-watering treat.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine - Rubiols

There’s nothing like ending a good meal with one of the city’s typical desserts, lending the ideal finishing touch. Rubiol is a traditional Mallorcan pastry, generally filled with soft cheese, crème caramel or preserve.


At midday, one of the best ways to enjoy Mallorca, thanks to its mild climate for most of the year, is to embark on a tour to sample some of the island’s signature tapas. The ‘variat’, a platter featuring several types of tapas, is a typical way of doing just that.

If you prefer, you could go to any of the city’s famous tapas bars. These include Can Joan Freu next to the Mercat de Santa Catalina. Its location allows it to create classic tapas with fresh ingredients obtained direct from the market next door.

La 5ª Puñeta is another option, offering a wide variety of tapas or ‘pinchos’, with vegetarian options. Choose hot tapas like curried chicken, escalope with mustard sauce, or meatballs. And to round things off nicely, why not try its homemade chocolate cake or carrot cake.


To go with your food, how about an authentic local wine, produced by the bodega managed by Toni Gelabert. This winery owns more than six hectares of vineyards, producing red, white and rosé wines. All the wine produced remains on the island, so Mallorca is the only place you can enjoy its exceptional flavour.

In addition to this winery, why not enjoy other wine routes? The DO Benissalem designation of origin comes from the inland area of Mallorca and its origins date back to the 1st century BC. It covers more than 600 hectares of vineyards and encompasses around 16 wineries, some of which are open to visitors.


Mallorca's gourmet cuisine - Despensa del Barón

If you would prefer a slightly more formal dining experience, we recommend La Despensa del Barón. It is the culinary heart of our hotel Posada Terra Santa, located in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, boasting historical features and elegant décor.

Enjoy the dishes designed by Chef Jorge Colalongo, which are sophisticated and offer a unique twist. Raya enjoys a brilliant career, having trained with some of the best chefs.

In our restaurant you will find traditional Mallorcan cuisine with a modern twist. Starters include Mediterranean Scrolls with sardines marinated in lemon and basil, or pork roll (Porcella). The main courses include the Baron’s Tartar with bluefin tuna and Mallorcan Bacaiot. Add a touch of sweetness with the homemade lemon sorbet home with electric daisy or the Copanacotta.

At Posada Terra Santa, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in the heart of Mallorca and the island’s finest cuisine at La Despensa del Barón.

Enjoy Mallorca’s finest beaches or, if you’d like to find out about the capital, take a look at this post with suggestions for a two-day visit to Palma de Mallorca.

To end the day you can relax in our Spa in the center of Palma de Mallorca.


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