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Posada Terra Santa Boutique Hotel, a mansion boasting centuries of history, located in the historic heart of Palma de Mallorca, is the perfect place to stay and use as a base to go shopping in the city. 

There is a real delight in exploring the central streets and alleyways in search of gems. Going shopping in Palma is truly a unique, relaxing and sophisticated experience, but above all one of cultural immersion. It represents the antithesis of shopping centres and involves delving into the soul of the city. Some of the shops are even to be found behind elegant modernist facades and in vintage cinema buildings. Plans to enjoy Majorca at easter.


shopping in palma de mallorca

The area between Paseo del Borne and Jaime III is undoubtedly the most iconic district for going shopping. Here you will find such preeminent brands as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Bulgari, which have turned this luxury thoroughfare into Palma’s ‘Fifth Avenue’. Moreover, the buildings that house these stores are a treat for lovers of history and architecture.


Craftsmanship takes on a life of its own in Palma de Mallorca. The marvellous products waiting to be found are endless, like Mallorcan fabrics, popularly known as Robes de Llengües, and craft products made in Sóller. The city is full of hidden-away shops that offer a unique, local and stylish product. And this is why one compulsory activity involves calling in at Rialto Living or Estilo Sant Feliu, establishments that can be said to have their own personality and style.


shopping in palma de mallorca

There are a number of gastro-markets in Palma de Mallorca. The most traditional, such as Mercat de l’Olivar and Mercat de Santa Catalina, offer fresh produce in addition to an endless variety of tapas and drinks options. Others set their stall out in a more ambitious way, offering a comprehensive selection of tasting and leisure choices. Going shopping in Palma is never complete unless you stop off at a bar to have a coffee or a bite to eat.


shopping in palma de mallorca

Palma de Mallorca harbours among its many streets attractive establishments well worth a visit boasting more than three centuries of existence. These are authentic tucked-away gems that thrill visitors as soon as they set foot in the premises: haberdashers, sweet shops such as La Pajarita and the legendary toy shop La Industrial with its toys of yesteryear, or the Vidal wickerwork store, ideal for picking up one of the famous wicker baskets so typical of the island.


One of the great discoveries to be made in Palma are the vintage clothing and furniture stores of all kinds: small retailing gems notable for their originality and authentic style. They also harbour unique and inspiring histories. To find truly authentic items there is no better way than to lose yourself in the maze of streets in the city centre and discover the small businesses that are hidden away down alleyways. 

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Going shopping in Palma de Mallorca is not restricted to making purchases. It also offers a cultural oasis, a stroll through historic streets, iconic buildings and the discovery the local homegrown culture by means of the city’s artisanal products. A truly therapeutic expedition for the soul, offering the chance to pick up unique items that embody the culture of the city and can be taken home as mementoes of your trip. Discover our spa in Palma de Mallorca


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Hidden Away Hotels, the luxury boutique hotel chain, has achieved an exceptional milestone by being awarded the prestigious MICHELIN Key in three of its establishments: Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid, Seda Club Hotel in Granada, and Posada Terra Santa in Mallorca. This recognition, granted by the renowned MICHELIN guide, highlights